Using FlySight with Paralog

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Downloading Paralog

A free trial version of Paralog is available on the Paralog website.

Registering FlySight

To register your FlySight with Paralog, you will need to provide a serial number. To retrieve the serial number needed by Paralog, simply download a track* from the FlySight. When the download is complete, Paralog will display the serial number of the FlySight.

* if you haven't jumped the unit yet, just record a short track on the ground

Downloading a Jump

To download a jump from the FlySight, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the FlySight to your computer. The FlySight should be recognized as an external disk.
  2. In Paralog, select "FlySight" as your logger type in the File menu or from the toolbar.
  3. Select "Read FlySight" in the File menu or from the toolbar.
  4. Click OK in the "Read FlySight" dialog.
  5. Select the file(s) you would like to download from the external disk representing FlySight in the file chooser dialog popping up.

Note: On OSX you will find the FlySight in the “Volumes” folder in the root of your file system.