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This set of configuration files was created by Michael Cooper for Wingsuit Performance competitions. There are three files--one each for the time, distance and speed tasks. Each file uses tones and speech as follows:

File Tones and speech
Time Vertical speed
Distance Glide ratio
Speed Horizontal speed

The ranges for the tones are optimized for a small to medium suit.

In addition, each file includes the following alarms:

Elevation (m AGL) Alarm
3300 "three"
3200 "two"
3100 "one"
3000 chirp up
2050 chirp up
1950 chirp down

As usual, because the alarm elevations are given "above ground level", you will need to specify the ground elevation in the "DZ_Elev" parameter in each file.

To use this set, first ensure that you've installed the latest firmware update. Next, download the configuration files here:

Config folder Download

This file will unzip into a "config" folder. You can either replace your config folder with this one or add the individual configuration files to the config folder on your FlySight. Now when you enter "configuration selection" mode, you should hear selections for "time", "distance" and "speed". To learn more about selectable configurations, follow this link.