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This configuration file was created by Michael Cooper for wingsuit flocking. The configuration uses tones and speech as follows:

Tones Indicate horizontal speed
Speech Indicates vertical speed

The ranges for the tones are optimized for a small to medium suit. The idea with this file is that you can maintain a precise vertical speed using the speech. Using the tones, you can ensure that your horizontal speed stays high. A low horizontal speed will make it harder, e.g., for larger members of the group to maintain a slow fall rate. By keeping horizontal speed reasonably high, you will give other members of the group the most range to work with.

To use this configuration, first ensure that you've installed the latest firmware update. Next, download the configuration file here:

Config folder Download

This file will unzip into a "config" folder. You can either replace your config folder with this one or add the individual configuration file to the config folder on your FlySight. Now when you enter "configuration selection" mode, you should hear a selection for "organizing". To learn more about selectable configurations, follow this link.