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This configuration file was created by Michael Cooper to emulate a paragliding variometer. The configuration uses tones and speech as follows:

Tones Indicate vertical speed
Speech None

The lowest-pitch tone will correspond with a descent rate of 10 m/s. The highest-pitch tone is an ascent of 10 m/s. Tone rate depends on the magnitude of ascent/descent. If you're flying perfectly level, no tones will be produced. If you're ascending/descending at 10 m/s, you will hear 5 tones per second. In addition, the unit will chirp up/down at the limits.

For this file, I have not used speech at all, but it can easily be modified to add speech, e.g., to indicate vertical speed.

To use this configuration, first ensure that you've installed the latest firmware update. Next, download the configuration file here:

Config folder Download

This file will unzip into a "config" folder. You can either replace your config folder with this one or add the individual configuration file to the config folder on your FlySight. Now when you enter "configuration selection" mode, you should hear a selection for "base". To learn more about selectable configurations, follow this link.